VCF online Volatile Compounds in Food 16.6.1 new version

Still using the legacy book version of the Volatile Compounds in Food database?

Are you still using the book version of our database Volatile Compounds in Food (Editor Henk Maarse, edition 1996)? Or perhaps you are using the obsolete VCF 2000 version on CD.

Since 2002 our database is available on Internet at www.vcf-online.nl and now (2018) has version 16.6.1. We are striving to implement two new versions a year, with product updates and functional improvements.

You may login on the VCF website as a guest for a demo. This demo version gives only a limited amount of information, with no quantitative details. Upon request we can give you a guest account with full functionality for a limited period.

Compared to the book or CD version, the internet version is changed substantially:

  • Many new products, new compounds and additional synonyms
  • More than 870 products, with 136,000 occurences of volatile compounds
  • Products are aggregated into product categories
  • Many new search entries, such as CAS and FEMA numbers
  • Partial name search and search within results
  • Approximate search technique for compound name search
  • Product compare functions (both products as well as categories of products)
  • Kovats Retention Index values and Retention Index search function
  • Complete FEMA and Council of Europe (Flavis) lists
  • Regular updates of products and addition of new products
  • Odour and flavour threshold values in volatile and non-volatile compounds (including many peptides)

The cost for subscription amounts 1200 Euro per year. All staff on one location of a company can get access without further costs. Each user obtains a personal user name and password. (Upon request, access can be obtained also on the basis of IP addresses).

Subscribe by using the form which can be found here

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We hope to be able to welcome you on our internet site soon!

Sincerely yours,

The editors:
Ben Nijssen
Katja van Ingen-Visscher
Jan Donders

Triskelion B.V. a TNO initiative
Zeist, The Netherlands